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The Western Massachusetts Mathematics Partnership (WMMP)


The Western Massachusetts Mathematics Partnership (WMMP) MSP-START project is a joint venture of seven K-12 school districts and mathematics faculty from ten higher education institutions. The school districts range from urban, mostly minority systems to rural ones and the higher education institutions include community colleges, liberal arts colleges, small universities, and a research university.

The regional partnership will focus on three primary objectives: establishing effective and productive Professional Learning Communities where mathematicians and math educators build common understandings of high quality mathematics learning and teaching; developing a long-term plan to enhance the quality, quantity, diversity, and retention of mathematics teachers; closing achievement gaps among diverse groups of students by making challenging courses and curricula available to all students.

Partnership members will work together for the next two years through five working groups to gather data and research the following areas: 1) Curriculum, 2) Equity and Diversity, 3) Innovation, 4) Instruction and Professional Development, and 5) Teacher Preparation. Each working group is co-convened by a K12 teacher or administrator and a faculty member from higher education.